Parental child abuse in Taiwan

Parental child abuse in Taiwan

According to a survey of 1,593 questionnaires of fifth to eighth grade elementary and junior middle school students conducted from September 14 to October 7, 2016, by the child welfare alliance and cultural foundation, on domestic child abuse in Taiwan, 2016, 46% of children had been physically punished by their parents, 28.3% suffered physical injuries from corporeal punishment, 49.2% were shouted at by their parents, 26.8% were subjected to verbal abuse harming the child’s self respect, 19.1% were chastised by their parents in front of non-family members or strangers, 12.8% were subjected to verbal abuse for long periods of time, 16.9% were treated with emotional neglect by their parents, 9.2% were never praised by their parents, 7.1% believe they cannot do anything right in the eyes of their parents, 53.3% believe they are “useless”, and 9.1% of the children have had thoughts of leaving home.


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