True evilness

True evilness

So Hillary Clinton blames FBI director James Comey for her election defeat.

This is an expression of a mentally unfit person bordering on psychosis.

Liberalism in itself is not inherently evil per se, but the liberal politicians have turned out to be political obstructionists.  Liberal politicians and the liberal media have also turned out to be politically defamatory.  Both are political bullies that have spread hatred against their political opponents.  Liberal politicians have implemented obstructionist energy policies and destructive environmental policies.  Liberalism has sowed social chaos and social unrest.  Liberalism created dumbification of human intelligence.  Liberalism, like socialism and communism, have pitted irrationality against the rationality of conservatism.  The irrationality of the anti-Trump protesters occupying a freeway is truly despicable and utterly ignorant.  This irrationality is the result of liberalism.



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