Taiwan now has more women than men

Taiwan now has more women than men

According to data released by the ministry of the interior of Taiwan on January 21, 2017, as of the end of 2016, Taiwan’s gender ratio of males to females is 99.1 males to 100 females.

There are more women than men in five of the six major cities:  Taipei has 91.70 men to 100 women; Taichung; New Taipei city has 96.32 men to 100 women; Kaohsiung, and Taoyuan.  Chiayi city has 94.91 men to 100 women.  Only Tainan city has slightly more men than women at 100.01 men to 100 women.

The reason that there are more women than men according to the ministry is that more men die of cancer than women, that men have more work and social stress than women, and men are responsible for more life burdens of supporting a family as the main breadwinner.  Another reason is the large numbers of foreign brides in Taiwan.  A third reason is that while many women have breast cancer which is often curable, men get more liver nad lung cancers which are less likely to be cured.  Of all liver cancer deaths, men outnumber women by nine fold.  Even among all cancer deaths, men outnumber women by 1.6 times.  Taiwan’s death rate due to heart disease is 96.1/100,000 for men and 67.7/100,000 for women, i.e., 142/100 times that of women.



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