Rejoice at Taiwan’s ageing disaster!

Rejoice at Taiwan’s ageing disaster!

For the 2017 school year in Taiwan, there were 558 university departments that could not recruit enough students.  There were 2,944 vacancies unfilled.  In 2016, 318 university departments had 1,420 student vacancies unfilled.  Comparison shows that the number of vacancies increased by 1,524.

In February, 2017, Taiwan’s ageing index, the ratio of seniors over 65 years old to 100 youngsters under 14 years old was 100.18 to 100.  There were 3,139,000 seniors over 65 years old, and 3,134,000 youngsters under 14 years old. In 2011, the ageing index was 72.12 to 100.  In 2011, three counties in Taiwan, Yunlin county, Penghu county and Chiayi county had ageing indices over 100, but in 2017, 15 counties and cities out of 22 on Taiwan have ageing indices over 100.  In these 15 counties and cities, there are more seniors over 65 years old than there are youngsters under 14 years old.

In 2017, in Chiayi county, there are 177 seniors over 65 years old to 100 youngsters under 14 years old.  In Yunlin, there are 141.87 such seniors to 100 youngsters under 14 years old.  In Nantou, the ratio is 139.48 seniors to 100 youngsters, in Pingtung, there are 137.38 seniors to 100 youngsters, in Penghu, there are 136.71 seniors to 100 youngsters.

The number of seniors to youngsters in Hsinchu City is 63.87 to 100, 67.62 to 100 in Taoyuan City, and 70.59 to 100 in Hsinchu county.

Taiwan will soon become a super aged society.

Now, the reason to rejoice is because in Taiwan, there will be less and less number of children going to school and less and less high school students going to college and university.  Many private universities have the largest number of student vacancies.  These private universities also enjoy less stringent restrictions to recruit and admit foreign students.

However, Taiwan’s desperation to find students to fill the classrooms is shown by Tainan mayor Lai Ching-de who led a delegation of school officials from 12 universities in the Tainan area to Jakarta, Indonesia, and signed a memorandum of understanding with the Muhammadiyah school system for student and teacher exchange between schools.  Currently, there are 5,074 Indonesian students studying in Taiwan.

Therefore, rejoice at Taiwan’s ageing disaster, and go to college and university in Taiwan.  Make your college life an adventure, get a degree from a Taiwan university, and learn proper classical Chinese writing.



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