Two cases of childhood experience directly causing adult schizophrenia

Two cases of childhood experience directly causing adult schizophrenia

(1)  A 30-year-old female in Taipei grew up with a very strict father.  She reacts obediently to stern fatherly voice commands and strong dominant fatherly threats as an adult.  She reacts to such stern verbal abuse by reverting to a six-year-old girl needing fatherly love but reacts by shying away from any expression of love.  She substitutes stern verbal abuse as an expression of love and rejects genuine expressions of tenderness and loving concern.  As she grew up, she reacts to expressions of tenderness and loving care with revolting and rebellious behavior.  Since her childhood, she has been longing for fatherly love but every time she seeks such love, she was met with sternness and dismissal.

(2)  A woman grew up with a stern British father and a gentle Costa Rican mother.  As an adult, she rejects other people’s expressions of tenderness yet she occasionally does express love for others, sometimes with gifts of memorabilia as an expression of her feelings of love, but soon, her personality changes.  A mean personality emerges and she would physically destroy the objects she presented as her expression of love.  At around the age of 60, her mean personality completely dominated and she was institutionalized.

These are too real cases of early childhood experiences that have directly caused adult schizophrenia.



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