Dr. Sanjeev Nayyar encourages Taiwan-India student exchange

Dr. Sanjeev Nayyar encourages Taiwan-India student exchange

On March 30, 2017, Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je visited North Delhi mayor Dr. Sanjeev Nayyar.  The Taipei mayor encourages Indian students to pursue advanced graduate school studies in Taiwan while the North Delhi mayor encourages Indian medical students to go to Taiwan for short term student exchange.  India has 350,000 medical students and Taiwan has advanced medical facilities and offers high caliber medical education.  The Taipei mayor himself is a Taiwan University surgeon turned politician.

In 2016, only 32,000 Indians visited Taiwan as tourists.  Some Indian women have married Taiwanese men and live in Taiwan, and there is an Indian woman in Taiwan who works as a professional international conference interpreter in English, Mandarin Chinese and Hindi. She obtained her Ph.D. in instantaneous multilingual interpretation at a Taiwanese university.




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