Shabbir Syed Abdul of India given Taiwan permanent residency

Shabbir Syed Abdul of India given Taiwan permanent residency

Shabbir Syed Abdul of India graduated from Taiwan’s medical school specializing in remote medical treatment.  On April 2, 2017, he received the “plum blossom card” permanent residency in Taiwan by the Immigration Administration for his contribution to medical services.  He has also been hired by the Taipei Medical University (TMU) to promote international cooperation and exchange programs for “remote medical treatment”.  The Mandarin term for “remote medical treatment” is “long distance medical treatment”.

TMU and its three affiliated hospitals regularly host international students and offer opportunities to international students to pursue short term programs in pharmacy, nursing and public health.  It has an international education section and offers international student work permits.  Information can be found in its International Student Handbook.

The Taipei Medical University (TMU) is in Taipei’s Hsinyi district.  For information, go to:

Shabbir Syed Abdul graduated from the National Yang-Ming University (NYMU) in Taiwan with a Ph.D. in bio-medicine.  NYMU has a full international student degree program.  For information, go to:



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