Taiwan’s population to hit zero growth by 2025

Taiwan’s population to hit zero growth by 2025

In 2025, Taiwan’s population is expected to reach 23,740,000 people.  It will begin to decrease to 18,370,000 by 2061.

In 2016, some 210,000 babies were born in Taiwan.  By 2061, only 100,000 babies will be born.  And there will be 1,190,000 school aged children by then.  In 2061, those between 15 and 64 years old will be 8,610,000, half that in 2016.

In 2016, there were 3,108,000 seniors over 65 years old.  They will increase to 7,152,000 by 2061.  In 2016, every 5.6 young adults support 1 senior.  By 2061, every 1.3 adult will have to support 1 senior.

In May, 2017, the Taiwanese government plans to ease restrictions on foreign spouses to work in Taiwan.  Foreign spouses will be allowed to work side jobs such as temporary interpreters, teachers, if qualified.  They will be able to earn NT$200 per hour.  Children of foreign personnel in Taiwan will also be allowed to remain in Taiwan to work if they are hired by a business in Taiwan.  Children of foreign personnel in Taiwan will also be allowed to attend physical education courses at Taiwan’s physical education universities.

Previously, children of foreign personnel working in Taiwan had to leave Taiwan when they reach 20 years old.  This rule has devastated many foreign families in Taiwan. There have been many such children who had to interrupt their college education in Taiwan mid way to comply with this rule.


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