Six percent of Taiwanese are carriers of Mediterranean anemia

Six percent of Taiwanese are carriers of Mediterranean anemia

At the end of 2016, Taiwan’s population was 23,540,000 people, and about 1,410,000 or 5.9898% are carriers of Mediterranean anemia.

When both spouses are carriers of the same type of Mediterranean anemia, there is a 1/4 probability that their child will have severe or serious Mediterranean anemia.

Of the 5.9898% of Taiwanese carriers of Mediterranean anemia, 5% are of the Alpha type, 2% are of the Beta type.  Among the hakka population, 6.2% are of the Alpha type and 2.1% are of the Beta type.  Among Taiwan’s aboriginal Amei tribe, 16.4% are of the Alpha type.

In 2016, 371 pregnant women suspected of being carriers of Mediterranean anemia were screened, and 72 of the fetuses were diagnosed as having severe Mediterranean anemia.

In 2016, there were a total of 345 Alpha type Mediterranean anemia cases in Taiwan.



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