Get smart by eating

Get smart by eating

A Taiwanese report says that to get smart, eat Taiwanese egg fried rice, non-vegetarian American pizza, and Indian Tandoori chicken with Basmati rice.


According to the Taiwanese report, Taiwanese and Basmati rice and American flour provide the starch, and Taiwanese egg, American meats and Indian chicken provide the meat protein that enhances neural activity.

Of course, in Taiwan, one egg was found to be contaminated by dioxin which is suspected to have been mixed in with the chicken feed.  In America, try to avoid ractopamine tainted meats on your pizza.  And in India, try to avoid suspected “plastic rice” in Delhi.

Except for that one egg found to have been contaminated by dioxin, Taiwan prohibits the importation of ractopamine tainted American pork, and good quality Taiwanese rice and vegetables and hogs are produced organically.

So, get smart by going to Taiwan and enjoy Taiwanese egg fried rice, Taiwanese made American pizza, and Indian tandoori chicken with Basmati rice in Taiwan.




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