New oral cocktail treats hepatitis C 99% effectively

New oral cocktail treats hepatitis C 99% successfully

The Taipei Veterans General Hospital announced on May 17, 2017, that a new oral cocktail drug treatment for hepatitis C has been 99% effective with a 92% complete success rate among 100 hepatitis C patients.

A three-month clinical trial that began on January 24, 2017, has been completed.  The 100 hepatitis C patients consisted of 43 males and 57 females.  Among them, 92 patients, i.e., 92% of them, emerged four weeks later completely cleared of the hepatitis C virus upon testing.  The 43 male and 57 female patients ranged in age from 40 to 87 years old.

The new cocktail formula is 99% effective in eliminating the 75% to 80% probability of hepatitis C patients developing chronic hepatitis, and the 20% to 30% among them developing hepatic cirrhosis, and the 2% to 3% probability among them developing cancer of the liver and late stage afflictions.

Taiwan has 300,000 to 600,000 hepatitis C sufferers.


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