In Taiwan, 22% of female desk job workers do not want children

In Taiwan, 22% of female desk job workers do not want children

According to a 1111 Manpower Bank survey of 874 responses conducted on April 20 to May 4, 2017, 22% of Taiwan’s female desk job workers do not want children, 78% do, and 61% among them hope to have two children and 29% hope to have one child.

The main worries about not wanting to have children are not being able to afford to raise a child (28.8%), impact on the quality of life without children (20.8%), and future environment that may be harmful to the next generation offspring (16.2%).

Of those who do want children, 57.5% want financial stability first before having children, 55.7% want to have children before they are physically unable to take care of children, and 34.5% want a stable spousal relationship to have children.  Of working mothers who have had children, 31% leave their jobs after giving birth, 37% take advantage of childcare leave, and 32% return to work immediately after giving birth.

The yes123 online job search site survey of 1,158 individual responses and 936 company responses conducted from April 20 to May 2, 2017, showed that 92.2% of working mothers feel under pressure and 21.8% feel the pressure of working and taking care of their children is nearly unbearable.  There are 75.1% of working mothers who feel guilty for not taking care of their children themselves.  On average, a working mother spends 111 minutes with her children a day.

There are 77.4% of Taiwanese companies that are willing to give priority in hiring a job seeking mother, 38.1% are willing to pay a higher salary to working mothers, 23% of businesses say if the working mother takes a childcare leave for half a year and returns to work, she will not be assigned to her original job.



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