Taiwan’s long term care law goes into effect

Taiwan’s long term care law goes into effect

Taiwan’s long term care law, promulgated on June 3, 2015, set to be implemented in two years, goes into effect today, June 3, 2017.  It defines long term care personnel as legally recognized professionals serving home care, community care, institutional residential care and combined services for senior care.

The law stipulates that foreigners initially hired abroad as senior home care workers in Taiwan and who have come to Taiwan for the first time are eligible to receive supplementary training in addition to the 90 hours of preliminary training they receive in their home country before coming to Taiwan specifically as home care workers.  Upon completing supplementary training in Taiwan, they will be certified, and every six years, they will have to complete 120 credits of continuing education to maintain their professional status.

On May 17, 2017, Changhua county held a training session for foreign home care workers to train them in emergency care procedures including CPR and the Heimlich maneuver and other emergency care techniques and skills.  Changhua county has 50,105 foreign workers, and 10,117 of them are home care workers taking care of infirm seniors.


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