Awareness about climate change of the Taiwanese

Awareness about climate change of the Taiwanese

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 4,000 responses conducted on June 2-5, 2017, about Taiwanese public opinion concerning the Paris Climate Agreement showed that 18.9% say they understand the agreement very well, 456.3% say they understand it somewhat, 19.3% say they do not understand it too well, 15.5% say they completely do not understand it, 34.6% say they are very worried that the United States has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement, 21.6% say they are somewhat worried, 17.1% say they are not too worried, 17.6% say they are not worried at all, and 9.1% say they do not know.

When asked:  Do you think global climate change is serious?  69.7% say very serious, 19.9% say somewhat serious, 4.8% say not too serious, 3.7% say completely not serious, and 1.9% say do not know.

When asked:  What multiple choice actions would you take to improve environmental protection?  52.2% say use self prepared dinnerware and own carrying bags, 26.0% say eat less meat or not eat meat, 53.6% say change to energy conserving and energy saving appliances and light bulbs, 50.0% say use less air conditioning, 46.1% say walk, ride bicycles, take mass transport and use public transit, 69.2% say trash and garbage separation, 23.1% say use more reusable energy such as solar energy, 8.3% say “other”, and 10.0% they have not done any of the above.  The survey responses included 74.9% men and 25.1% women.


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