Taiwanese seniors are worried

Taiwanese seniors are worried

The average lifespan of the Taiwanese people is 80.2 years old.  The average lifespan of Taiwanese men is 77.01 years old and that of Taiwanese women is 83.62 years old.

When times were good, people worried about dying too young.  Now, Taiwanese seniors are worried that they may live too long.

A survey of 1,382 responses conducted from May 23 to June 1, 2017, shows that 87.5% think about life after reaching old age, 79.8% worry they may not have enough retirement funds as retirees, 77.7% are worried about illness after retirement, 62.3% are worried about the lack of senior care workers and that they may have to take care of themselves in old age, 71.9% say they would depend on senior insurance plans for retirement.

In 2016, 3,765 people committed suicide, and 976 of them were 65 years old and older.  Taiwan’s senior depression rate is 12% to 13%.




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