Survey about DVT

Survey about DVT

The Lienhsin Airport Medical Treatment Center that provides emergency medical services at the Taoyuan International Airport and the Sungshan Airport in Taipei released its 14-year survey of the results of the “economy class syndrome” or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) suffered by passengers on long haul flights.  The survey reviewed data gathered from February 22, 2002, to December 31, 2016.  DVT has caused myocardial infarction, epilepsy, and stroke among passengers transiting in Taipei or arriving in Taipei after a long haul flight.

The survey shows that 26.8% acute myocardial infarction, epilepsy and stroke occur between 12 noon to 6 pm arrival time, 22.1% occur between 9 pm and 12 midnight arrival time, 20.58% occur between 6-9 pm arrival time, 13.12% occur between 5-8 am arrival time, 10.07% occur between 8 am and 12 noon, 4.33% occur between 12 midnight and 5 am.



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