HIV test kits now available in convenient stores in Taiwan

HIV test kits now available in convenient stores in Taiwan

A nearly 60-year-old prostitute in the Wan Hwa district of Taipei City had sex with 800 clients between the end of 2016 and June, 2017.  In a routine health check, she was found to have contracted aids.

According to the Taipei Municipal Kunming Prevention Center, HIV Aids screening between January and May, 2017, found 255 people infected by the HIV in New Taipei City. The head of the office of disease control department of the New Taipei City Health Bureau says that in 2017, self examination screening test kits for HIV will be available in convenience stores and the 57 anonymous HIV screening and consultation services stations throughout the city.  Information about the HIV self test kits is available at:

A married woman who stayed at home and who had not engaged in any extramarital affair was found to have contracted HIV.  Doctors found out that her husband had engaged in extramarital unprotected sex once and contracted HIV.  The wife was infected by her own husband.



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