Taiwan to propose its first organic produce law

Taiwan to propose its first organic produce law

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 2,700 responses conducted on July 28-31, 2017, about the Taiwanese government’s proposed first organic produce law, shows that 23.8% would “frequently choose” organic produce, 35.4% would “occasionally choose” organic produce, 30.0% would “not choose” organic produce, 1.5% “do not know”, 62.1% would choose organic produce “for healthiness” while 10.1% “have no opinion”, 45.6% would “support” the special law governing organic produce, 31.7% would “somewhat support” it, 4.8% would be “somewhat opposed”, 8.1% would “oppose it very much”, and 9.8% “have no opinion”, 51.7% would be willing to “consume more organic produce” if such a law is implemented, 38.9% would “not consume organic produce” even if such a law is implemented, 9/4% “have no opinion”.  This survey responses consisted of 57.7% men and 42.3% women, and 58.7% of them reside in the northern cities of Taipei, New Taipei City, Keelung and Miaoli county, and 26.9% are over 55 years old.



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