Seniors and malnutrition in Taiwan

Seniors and malnutrition in Taiwan

A 2016 survey of seniors in 22 counties and cities throughout Taiwan by the National Health Administration showed that 10% of seniors in Taiwan have chewing difficulties, 42% suffer from insufficient calorie intake, 76.3% suffer from calcium deficiency, 73.1% suffer from Vitamin E deficiency, 60.0% suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, 51.5% suffer from zinc deficiency, 49.6% suffer from magnesium deficiency.

In 2017, seniors constitute 13.55% of the total population of Taiwan.  They will reach 14% in 2018.  There are 3,270,000 seniors over 65 years old in Taiwan at present.  In 2026, they will constitute 20%, and in 2046, they will constitute one third of the total population.  By 2060, according to estimates by Taiwan’s National Development Council, Taiwan’s senior population will constitute 40.6% of the total population.

For those 60 years old at retirement, they will live for 22 years more on average.  If they do not fall ill and are able to maintain good health, they would need at least NT$5,280,000 for those years in retirement.  A survey found that the average amount of retirement funds of average citizens is from NT$14,500,000 to NT$17,500,000.

A 2013-2015 survey of seniors showed that 81.6% do not eat enough dairy foods, 72.9% do not eat enough fruits.  The data was made public at a September 29, 2017, nutritional health conference of medical and nutritional health experts in Taiwan.



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