Attitudes of young Taiwanese adults

Attitudes of young Taiwanese adults

A survey of the attitudes of young Taiwanese adults mainly born between 1978 and 1987, i.e., those between 30 and 39 years old, with a medium age of 35 years old, shows that among those 20-29 year old, 87.4% support same sex marriage, 74.4% of those 35 years old support same sex marriage, 61% of those 40-49 years old support same sex marriage and 59.2% of those 50-59 years old support same sex marriage.

Of those who are 35 years old, 27.4% of them earn a monthly average salary of between NT$30,000 and NT$40,000, and 65.3% of them seek jobs with a good salary and good benefits.  Also, of those who are 35 years old, 49.9% believe that success means freedom to arrange one’s own free time.  Among those who are 35 years old, 70% believe that staying single because they have not met any suitable partner to marry is not a bad thing, and that 80% of them think that divorce is better if problems between spouses cannot be resolved amicably.

The survey of 9,270 responses between 20 and 69 years old by Taiwan’s Common Wealth magazine was conducted from July 17 to August 18, 2017.


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