Optimism and pessimism of young Asians

Optimism and pessimism of young Asians

A joint survey of young Asians 18-35 years old in Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong about their ambitions, their personal initiatives and drive, and their ability to realize their personal goals shows that 8.6% of young Taiwanese are optimistic about Taiwan’s economic development in the next five years while 50.8% of young people in Shanghai are optimistic about the economic development of Shanghai in the next five years, 53.5% of young Taiwanese hope to live in an environment with high salaries even high living costs and high prices.

Overly high housing prices are seen as an obstacle to 81.3% of young Taiwanese and to  71.1%  of young people in Hong Kong.  Young Taiwanese and young people in Hong Kong feel that they are unable to utilize what they have learned in school, with 37.8% of young people in Hong Kong who feel this way while 61.3% of young Taiwanese feel low salary is a problem for them.

Compared to the young people of Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong, young Taiwanese score the highest in ambition at 71.0 points and 65.8 points in personal initiative and drive.


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