Taiwan wastes 40% of food

Taiwan wastes 40% of food

It is said that Taiwan wastes 40% of food and throws away 36,000 tons of leftover foods and outdated foods each year.

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 3,800 responses conducted from September 29 to October 2, 2017, shows that 87.4% of those surveyed say they most most of their food servings, 10.8% say they always leave some leftovers, 1.6% say that always leave a lot of leftovers, and 0.2% say they do not know.

The survey respondents consist of 49.5% men and 50.5% women, 61.3% live in northern Taiwan, 61.8% are college graduates, 21.6% have a high school education, and 12.3% hold master’s degrees, 36.4% of them earn a monthly salary of between NT$22,001 and NT$40,000, and 24.9% earn a monthly salary of between NT$40,001 and NT$60,000.




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