Being bullied at work

Being bullied at work

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 4,600 responses conducted from September 30 to October 3, 2017, about being bullied at work, mostly by one’s superiors, shows that 84.0% have had such experience, 13.2% say “no”, 2.8% say “do not know”, 40.3% feel that being bullied at work is “serious”, 39.6% say it is “somewhat serious”, 14.4% say it is “not too serious”, 1.8% say it is “absolutely not serious”, 3.9% say “do not know”,

Of those who had been bullied at work, 9.5% had filed complaints at work, 3.4% had filed complaints with public authorities, 24.7% had retaliated verbally, 32.2% sought out coworkers and friends to “talk about being bullied at work”, 26.9% have “silently bore it”, 3.3% said “do not know”.  The respondents consist of 59.8% men and 40.2% women, 62.3% reside in northern Taiwan, 10.7% are 26-30 years old, 16.9% are 31-35 years old, 19.6% are 36-40 years old, 17.0% are 41-45 years old, 11.8% are 46-50 years old, 40.9% of them earn a salary of between NT$22,001 and NT$40,000, 26.0% of them earn a monthly salary of between NT$40,001 and NT$60,000, 63.7% are college graduates, 17.5% are high school graduates, and 14.2% hold a master’s degree.



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