Vietnam expected to set up Taiwan demo farm

Vietnam is expected to set up a Taiwanese agricultural demo farm in 2018.  Dong Nai province and Dong Thap province are expected to sign agreements of cooperation with the Taiwanese authorities.

Besides Vietnam which is actively pursuing agricultural cooperation with Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar are also interested.

During the 1960’s, Taiwan’s agricultural assistance teams were renowned throughout the world, including Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Taiwan now has many gentleman farmers who are highly educated and agriculturally savvy.

Taiwan’s banana cooperative has figured out a way to slow down ripening for long haul shipments of bananas.  The process involves cooling and the extraction of carbon dioxide and ethylene during the banana’s climacteric phase when respiration rate is elevated as it ripens.  After treatment, the bananas will ripen over a period of more than 28 days, the length of time it takes Taiwanese bananas to reach Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Taiwanese bananas are now sold in Dubai supermarkets.




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