Governmental dysfunction concerning Fipronil contamination of eggs in Taiwan

Governmental dysfunction concerning Fipronil contamination of eggs in Taiwan

In August-September of 2017, there was an outbreak of Fipronil contamination of chicken eggs in Taiwan.  Inspection revealed that 47 out of 1,459 chicken and egg farms had high concentrations of Fipronil contamination from 5 ppb to 153 ppb.

Farmers have been using fake veterinarian pesticides as insecticides and veterinarian medicines of unknown origin.

The central government of the Democratic Progressive Party has ordered penalties for egg and chicken farms where Fipronil contamination has been found, but so far, none of the 47 have been fined.  It is said that the local governments refuse to carry out the central government’s orders to penalize the egg and chicken farms.

Fipronil is an insecticide of the phenylpyrazole family of chemicals.  It is a nerve toxin.



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