Burden of raising children discourages couples from having more

Burden of raising children discourages couples from having more

In July and August, 2017, the Taiwan Child Welfare Alliance’s policy center conducted a survey of 1,740 couples with two or less children aged 1-5 years old.  It showed that 49.5% spend over NT$15,000 a month for childcare, 62% spend over 1/5 of total family income for childcare, and in 2017, 77.8% feel that the burden of childcare expenses is “heavy”.   In 2010, 61.7% felt that the burden of childcare expenses was “heavy”.

There are 37.4% of such families that spend over 30% of total household income for childcare, 24,6% that spend 20%-30% of total household income on childcare.  In Taiwan, a total of 62% (24.6% + 37.4%) of such families spend more than 20% of household income on childcare.  Therefore, they do not want to have more children, either a second or a third child.

In 2010, each family’s average childcare expenses was NT$14,390.  In 2016, this increased by 11.2% to NT$16,007.

There are 72.8% of parents think that Taiwan’s public places are “unfriendly” to families with children, and 84.8% think that Taiwan’s work places are “unfriendly” to workers with children.

There are (1)  49.2% of parents who want more monetary subsidies from the government for childcare, (2) 44% who want more channels for childcare services, (3)  33.4% want free education for toddler care by eliminating kindergarten fees, 29.9% want tax reductions for childcare, (5) 25.5% want to extend paid leave for childcare, (6)  20.2% want the government to increase public childcare services facilities, (7)  17.6% want businesses to increase subsidies for workers who take leave without pay for childcare, (8)  16.7% want businesses to provide childcare facilities and measures, (9)  15.2% want subsidies for rending or buying homes for families with children, (10)  13.3% want to lower the compulsory education age to 5 years old, (11)  12.2% want businesses to guarantee that parents who take leave for childcare will be able to return to their original jobs afterwards, (12)  10.2% want businesses to provide temporary childcare services, and (13)  2.5% have chosen to answer “Other”.


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