Taiwan’s singles population

Taiwan’s singles population

At the end of 2016, Taiwan had a population of 7,041,373 singles over 15 years old, not including those who are divorced and those who lost a marriage partner.  They constitute only those who have not been married and who are not previously or currently registered as married.  They consist of 3,822,678 males and 3,218,695 females, or 603,983 more single men than single women.

Taiwan’s population over 15 years old was 20,397,935 people, and the population of singles over 15 years old (7,041,373 / 20,397,935 %= 34.52%) constitutes 34.52% of that total.

Among the singles population, 2,403,742 are high school graduates, 2,093,126 are university graduates, and 380,845 hold a Master’s degree.  Of those with a high school education, 1,389,004 are males and 1,014,738 are females.  Of those with university education, 990,925 are males and 1,102,201 are females.  Of those who hold a Master’s degree, 220,214 are males and 160,631 are females.

There are 111,276 (1,102,201 female university graduates – 990,925 male university graduates) more single women who are university graduates than single men who are university graduates.  This difference may be due to the reluctance of women with a university education to marry a less educated man, and men who are reluctant to marry a woman who is more educated than he.







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