Taiwanese daikon farmers pleasantly surprised

Taiwanese daikon farmers pleasantly surprised

Recently, Taiwan’s I-Mei Foods Co. Ltd. approached a Taiwanese daikon farmer and bought some 200 kilos of daikon leaves at NT$22 per kilo.

The Taiwanese white radish farmer was pleasantly surprised by the interest of the buyer and by the high price it has paid for the leaves previously discarded.

Daikon is the large East Asian white radish, Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus, or “bai luo bo” in Chinese.  At harvest, the leaves are removed and thrown away or are used for compost.  They were of no value until now.

The Chinese large white radish sells at around NT$25 per kilo without the leaves.  However, the leaves are edible.

Previously discarded leaves of the Chinese large white radish may now become a double source of income for the white radish farmer, and they may well become a new food source.


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