Work enthusiasm and fear of asking for a leave

Work enthusiasm and fear of asking for a leave

Taiwan’s yes123 surveyed 1,332 currently on the job workers and 882 businesses from October 26 to November 6, 2017, about workers’ enthusiasm and their fear of asking for a leave.  The survey shows that in general, 45.9% of workers are “unenthusiastic” about their current job, and among them, 83.8% had thought of quitting.

The survey shows that of the 8,906,000 employees in Taiwan, 85.78% or 7640,000 of them had at least once lost enthusiasm about their job.

The survey shows that 50.7% feel their efforts are not proportionate with their salary, 47.2% feel they lost enthusiasm after working at the same job for a long time, 44.2% feel they lost enthusiasm because the promotion system is unfair, 33.2% feel their work pressure is too great, 30.3% feel the content of their work does not match their personal interest and there is no freedom to develop one’s talent.

Interestingly, the survey reveals the seasonal and the hourly changes in the “mood of enthusiasm” of the workers:  73.2% of workers “lose their enthusiasm for work” in the third quarter of the year, 69.3% in the fourth quarter, 47.2% in the first quarter and 45.7% in the second quarter; 53.5% in the last ten days of the month, 48.8% in the middle ten days of the month, and 29.4% in the first ten days of the month; 40.9% have “less enthusiasm” on Monday mornings, 31.5% have “less enthusiasm” on Friday afternoons, 26% have “less enthusiasm” on Tuesday mornings, 24.4% have “less enthusiasm” on Wednesday mornings, 18.9% have “less enthusiasm” on Friday mornings, and 17.3% have “less enthusiasm” on Monday afternoons.

When asked what will increase their “work enthusiasm”, some say if they could have a holiday of 26.4 days in a year, and others say a salary increase of NT$5,279 would increase their “work enthusiasm”.  Calculating at a regular salary of NT$39,793 a month, this constitutes a 13.3% salary increase.  There are 65.8% of businesses that are willing to consider salary increases and 51% that are willing to allow more holidays for workers to increase their “work enthusiasm”.

The survey also shows that Taiwanese workers have a fear of asking for a leave from work:  52.6% say their bosses and supervisors have made it difficult for workers to ask for a leave from work, 39.3% of their bosses and supervisors have made it difficult for workers to take annual holiday leaves, 68.38% worry that asking for a leave will affect their performance record.  It is estimated that of the 8,906,000 workers, 6,090,000 have a fear of asking for a leave from work (6,090,000 / 8,906,000 % = 68.38 %)






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