Housing coal

Housing coal

Central Taiwan has a very serious air pollution problem where the Taichung Thermal Power Plant and the Taiwan China Dragon Steel Mill are located.  On November 26, 2017, both presented their clean air plans.

The Taichung Thermal Power Plant is presenting a three-stage plan to reduce pollution.  In the short term, the plant will upgrade four of its furnaces to reduce emission of pollutants and reduce power output.  In the medium term, the plant will upgrade five of its furnaces to reduce emission of pollutants.  It will build an “indoor” coal storage facility to house the coal now kept in the open.  This “coal housing” project is expected to be completed in 2024.  In the long term, the plant will build two natural gas furnaces and a natural gas receiving station.  It will go into commercial operation in 2025.

The China Dragon Steel Mill (Taiwan’s China Steel Mill), plans to sprinkle its outdoor storage area once every hour when wind gusts reach 5 meters per second.  At present, sprinkling is done once every two hours.  The mill also plans to “house in door” all the raw material that is now stored outdoors on 33 hectares of open storage area.This project is expected to be completed in 2020.


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