Taiwanese opinion about increase of cancer among those under 40 years old

Taiwanese opinion about increase of cancer among those under 40 years old

In view of data showing that in 2014, there were 6,076 new cancer cases among those between 20 and 39 years old, Yahoo Taiwan conducted a survey of 5,100 responses on November 22-29, 2017 about public awareness of increasing cancer cases among the young:  86.3% say that are aware that more and more people are getting cancer, 2.5% say “there is no change”, 0.5% say “there has been less cancer cases”, and 10.7% say “do not know”.

There are 46.4% who know of people under 40 years old among their social group who have gotten cancer, 45% say “none”, 8.5% say “do not know”.

When asked:  What do you think are the reasons (multiple choice) for the increase in cancer among the young?  87.2% say “diet”, 69.3% say “lifestyle”, 79.1% say “environment”, 22.9% say “other”, and 8.0% say “do not know”.

When asked:  What do you think should be done?  80.1% say “pay more attention to one’s own health”, 65.0% say “early health checkup”, 27.0% say “be concerned about the health of friends and family members”, 56.6% say “government policy”, 4.8% say “other”, and 1.2% say “do not know”.  The respondents consisted of 57.7% men and 42.3% women, 59.2% live in northern Taiwan where air pollution is comparative less, 16.7% live in central Taiwan where air pollution is the worst in Taiwan, and 20.4% live in southern Taiwan where air pollution is the second most polluted region in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s largest coal burning thermal power plant is in Taichung in central Taiwan, and Taiwan’s steel manufacturing is in the Kaohsiung area in southern Taiwan.

Taipei is a basin.  Taichung is a half basin, and Kaohsiung is a seaport.

Taiwan has many major sources of pollution, including two-stroke motorcycle exhaust, automobile exhaust, second hand smoke, industrial pollution, pesticide and insecticide pollution of the ground and previous farmland.

Kaohsiung’s rotund female mayor Chen Chu issued an order on November 29, 2017, to offer free public transportation rides from December 1, 2017, to February 28, 2018, “to reduce pollution”, she says.

The Taichung coal firing thermal power plant will start a program to reduce the use of coal by 24% starting in 2018.  The goal is to reduce the annual consumption of 21,000,000 tons to 16,000,000 tons.  This reduction in coal consumption will reduce electric power output by 4.5 billion KW/Hr.  The coal reduction will necessitate the use of natural gas as replacement fuel.  This will require 600,000 tons of natural gas.



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