More nonsmokers than smokers got lung cancer in Taiwan in 2015

More nonsmokers than smokers got lung cancer in Taiwan in 2015

In 2015, 105,156 new cancer cases were diagnosed in Taiwan, 2,009 more than in 2014.

In 2015, among the 13,086 new lung cancer patients, 4,137 were smokers and 6,434 were nonsmokers.  The percentage of smokers was 4,137/13,086=31.613939%, and the percentage of nonsmokers was 6,434/13,086=49.167049%.

The big question in Taiwan is:  Why are there more lung cancer patients who are nonsmokers (49.167049%) than smokers (31.613939%)?

PM 2.5 air pollution is being blamed.

In 2015:

(1)  There were 15,579 new cases of cancer of the large intestine, constituting 14.815132% of the total number of 105,156 new cases.

(2)  There were 13,086 new cases of lung cancer, constituting 12.444368% of total.

(3)  There were 12,360 new cases of breast cancer, constituting 11.753966% of total.

(4)  There were 11,420 new cases of liver cancer, constituting 10.860056% of total..

(5)  There were 7,628 new cases of oral cancer, constituting 7.253985% of total.

(6)  There were 5,106 new cases of prostate cancer, constituting 4.855643% of total.

(7)  There were 3,849 new cases of stomach cancer, constituting 3.660276% of total.

(8)  There were 3,799 new cases of skin cancer, constituting 3.612728% of total.

(9)  There were 3,618 new cases of thyroid cancer, constituting 3.440603% of total.

(10)  There were 2,587 new cases of esophageal cancer, constituting 2.460154% of total.





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