Alarming marriage ages!

Alarming marriage ages!

In 2017, Taiwanese female government workers married at an average age of 34.69 years old, female teachers married at an average age of 35.31 years old, and policewomen married at an average age of 32.48 years old.

In January, 2018, there were 14,314 newlywed couples.  The marriage rate 7.5/1,000 people. There were 4,384 couples who divorced.  The divorce rate was 2.19/1,000 persons.

In 2017, 138,000 people got married and 54,412 couples divorced.  The marriage rate in 2017 was 5.86/1,000 people and the divorce rate was 2.31/1,000 persons.

According to Taiwan’s national household registry, at the end of December, 2017, Taiwan’s population 15-64 years old was 17,211,341 people, constituting 73.02% of Taiwan’s total population, those 65 years old and above numbered 3,268,013 seniors or 13.86% of the total population, and those 0-14 years old numbered 3,091,873 persons, or 13.12% of the total population.



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