Will Taiwan achieve its 2025 goal of a nuclear free homeland?

Will Taiwan achieve its 2025 goal of a nuclear free homeland?

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 1,200 responses conducted on March 16-19, 2018, shows that 2.6% are very confident that Taiwan will achieve its 2025 goal of a nuclear free homeland, 2.0% are “somewhat confident”, 6.0% are “not too confident”, 88.2% are “absolutely not confident”, and 1.2% “do not know”.

Because of the Tsai Ing-wen government’s policy of restarting the Shen Ao coal fired power plant and restarting the second generator group of Nuclear Power Plant No. 2 to ensure a stable power supply, electricity prices will be increased in April of 2018.  The survey asked if this were acceptable?  19.0% say “yes”, 78.6% say “no”, and 2.4% “do not know”.

Which method of electric power generation do you think would be most practical?  1.1% say “coal fired electric power generation”, 4.6% say “natural gas fired electric power generation”, 76.7% say “nuclear power”, 13.5% say “regenerative power sources such as solar power, wind power and hydroelectric power”, 2.1% say “other” and 2.0% “do not know”.

A previous Yahoo Taiwan survey of 6,600 responses conducted on March 15-18, 2018, asked about the passage of the environmental evaluation of the Shen Ao Coal Fired Power Plant by a vote of 8-9 after intervention by the head of the Environmental Protection Administration, seen by critics as political intervention:  5,7% “very much agree”, 3.2% “somewhat agree”, 4.1% “do not agree very much”, 86.3% “very much disagree”, and 0.7% “do not know”.

Scholars’s simulation estimates that the pollutants released by the Shen Ao coal fired power plant if it goes into operation will be 3 times the amount estimated by the environmental evaluation report.  This indicates that the government has intentionally  underestimated the amount of pollution by the plant when it becomes operational.

When asked:  Do you think air quality over northern Taiwan will be better or worse if the Shen Ao coal fired power plant goes into operation?  2.3% say “it will be better”, 1.6% say “it may be better”, 6.1% say “it may be worse”, 88.4% say “it will surely be worse”, and 1.6% “do not know”.

When asked:  Do you support the Shen Ao coal fired power plant in providing electricity to northern Taiwan?  7.1% “do”, 3.8% “somewhat support it”, 7.7% “do not support it very much”, 80.3% “very much do not support it”, and 1.1% “do not know”.  This survey consisted of 82.7% men and 17.3% women.

It seems that the Tsai Ing-wen government’s energy policy is all wrong, and is opposed by the majority of people.  Even with the dismantling of the brand new unused Nuclear Power Plant No. 4, 76.7% think nuclear power is the most practical way to generate electricity.

This is a slap in the face of the impractical and unrealistic political agenda of the 2025 nuclear free homeland policy of the vulgar government of the vulgar Tsai Ing-wen and her vulgar Democratic Progressive Party.



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