Taiwan scholarships for Vietnamese students

Taiwan scholarships for Vietnamese students

In 2017, Taiwan’s You Hua Biotech Medicine Co. donated NT%1,200,000 to Yang Ming University to set up a scholarship fund to encourage students at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology to attend Yang Ming University as exchange students.  The scholarship fund provided NT$10,000 per month per student and apprenticeship at You Hua Biotech.  That year, 24 Vietnamese students participated in the program.

In 2018, You Hua Biotech has provided another NT$1,200,000 scholarship assistance fund for students from the Vietnam National University Hanoi, the Hanoi University of Pharmacy, and the Taiyuan Agriculture and Forestry University to attend Yang Ming University.  It is estimated that at least 25 students from these universities will study at Yang Ming University in the 2018 school year.

Vietnamese students say that they rather go to Taiwan to study in stead of France because what they learned in France has not been practical.  What they learn in Taiwan is more practical.

Yang Ming University offers studies in high level cellular biology which is not offered by Vietnamese universities.

For information about Yang Ming University, go to:  http://www.ym.edu.tw/



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