“One high, two lows, three no’s”

“One high, two lows, three no’s”

This is a description of the situation young Taiwanese workers are now in.

They are “highly educated”, their “wages are low” and they have “a low sense of achievement”, and they “don’t want to buy a permanent home, they do not want to get married, and they do not want to have children”.

A yes123 internet job search site survey of 1,405 responses from those 39 years old and younger conducted on March 8-19, 2018, shows that 43.1% think that they have accomplished “high achievements” at work, 56.9% think their achievement is “low”, 66.5% say their “dream in life” is to find a truly interesting job, 52.2% say they want to earn “a million dollars”, 48.8% say they want to to be able to apply what they have learned in their work, 38.8% want to be able to “buy a home”, 30% want to become an entrepreneur and one’s own boss, 27.6% want to learn a skill or a second specialty, 25.3% want to be able to pay off all family debts, 26.4% want “to travel the world”, 19.9% want to work overseas, and 18.9% want to have a happy marriage.

There are 23.9% who feel they have achieved a balance between family life and work, 76.1% say their family life and work are “out of balance”, 40.3% of those who are yet unmarried say they do not have plans for marriage, 44.2% of those who are already married do not have plans to have children, and 88.2% of all of them together say their reluctance is due to “economic factors”.

There are 77.6% of them who say they have not realized their life’s dreams but will continue to pursue their dreams, 19.7% say they have not realized their dreams but they have given up, and 2.7% say they have achieved their life’s dreams.  Of those who have abandoned their pursuit of their life’s dreams, 59.9% say they “have no money”, 51.3% say they “have no time”, 40.4% say they have encountered “obstacles too often”, 28.2% say their “current work is stable and their life is comfortable”, 25.3% say “because of parental opposition”, and 13.7% say “they do not want to be viewed differently by one’s peers.

On average, 24.9% believe they can realize their personal dreams in 5.6 years, but only 7.5% believe they are “winners in life”.




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