Slow and passe

Slow and passe

Life on Taiwan is slow and passe.

Little pleasures of life and bits of personal happiness are daily pursuits of many.

Life has no speediness, no depth, no width, no height, no big picture, no ambition and no future.

In contrast, speedy economic and infrastructural progress constitute the pace of life across the Taiwan Strait on the Chinese mainland where democracy and political freedoms do not exist.

Yet there is ambition, there is hope for a brighter and stronger future, and there is enthusiasm to realize the Chinese dream.

Taiwan is lagging behind because the world is rapidly changing and its new economy is rapidly growing with the expansion of the Internet, the Internet of Things, AI, smart cities, economic and technological globalization, new business models that are modular, prosthesis and architectural construction based on 3D printing technology, etc.

Like rebuilding a train station in Fujian in 9 hours, approval of A stock listing by FII of Foxconn on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 36 hours, the Chinese mainland is running ahead at high speed while Taiwan lags behind, mired in political infighting and political vendetta.

While the Chinese mainland has Chia Chia the AI robot, Taiwan can’t even keep their puppet shows alive.

Maybe the French with the participation in the Taiwan Tech Arena by French Tech Taiwan and French Accelerator can help to change Taiwan’s slow and passe mentality and the Taiwanese young people’s attitude towards life’s little pleasures.

The evil political culture of Tsai Ing-wen’s Democratic Progressive Party is destroying Taiwan’s political, social, cultural, and educational viability.

Tsai Ing-wen and members of her Democratic Progressive Party are the lethal  political cancers that must be removed from Taiwan.

They must be rounded up to face the firing squad, shot, and their bodies hanged on display so that Taiwanese voters can see and recognize them as evil enemies of the people, as criminal politicians, and as political criminals.



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