Taiwan’s salary and life’s pressures

Taiwan’s salary and life’s pressures

Taiwan’s 1111 Manpower Bank surveyed 1,145 responses of employed Taiwanese 35 years old and younger on March 12-27, 2018.  The survey found that 72% earn an average monthly salary of less than NT$40,000, 22% engage in extra work to earn more, 12.1% do not earn enough to cover expenses while 78% are able to save an average of NT$9,808 a month.

The survey shows that 86% say they live a “pressured life”, and among them, 64.6% have “economic and financial pressures” and 20.9% say they have “work pressures”.

Taiwan’s current average salary is equal to that of 17 years ago.

In 2017, Taiwan’s chief accounting office said that the average per capita regular monthly income was NT$39,953.


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