Taiwan’s chief cabinet minister Lai Ching-de says that in 2017, 50% of people got salary increases, therefore a 3% increase in the household electricity bill would not be severely felt by families.

On April 1, 2018, the residential electricity bill will increase by NT$93 per kw/hour.  A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 7,400 responses conducted on March 28-31, 2018, shows that 14.4% say their wages were increased in 2017; 83.7% say their wages did not increase in 2017; 1.9% “do not know”.

The survey asked:  Do you think the 3% increase in the residential electricity bill would lead to a general price increase?  91.8% say “surely will”, 5.8% say “it may”, 1.2% say “maybe not”, 0.8% say “surely not”, and 0.4% “do not know”.  The surveyed respondents consisted of 72.8% men and 27.2% women.

How can the chief cabinet minister Lai Ching-de say that in 2017 50% of people got a pay raise but only 14.4% say their wages were increased in 2017?

The big liar of the government of the Democratic Progressive Party has lied again!




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