Raising kids in Taiwan

Raising kids in Taiwan

Taiwan’s 1111 Manpower Bank surveyed the difficulties encountered by white collar workers in raising their children:  62.0% say educational expenditures for their children are a financial burden; 60.0% say they do not have time to spend with their children; 55.7% are worried about on campus bullying; 53.4% say there is nobody to take their children to school and to pick up their children after school; 44.2% are worried about unsafe surroundings for their children, 71% of parents argue over problems in raising their children, 41.6% of parents say they have different views about education of their children, 16.6% of young parents with children say grandparents often interfere and intervene in raising their children, 12.7% of fathers and mothers have different expectations for their children, 76% of parents still mete out corporeal punishment of their kids, 54.8% of corporeal punishment is meted out by mothers, 76% of parents say they occasionally mete out corporeal punishment of their kids, 25% of parents say they never physically punish their kids,76.1% say increasing wages would increase birthrates, 58.3% say encouraging businesses to provide childcare facilities would increase the general birthrate, 57.0% say flexible work hours would encourage working parents to raise children, 52.3% say the government should provide tuition assistance for childcare, and 51.5% say tuition charged by private kindergartens should be lowered.




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