Facial recognition to be used for students

Facial recognition to be used for students

The Taipei Municipal Bureau of Education is experimenting with the use of facial recognition to record and analyze absenteeism, student attention and student behavior in class.

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 1,800 responses conducted on March 30 to April 2, 2018, shows that 26.5% “very much agree”, 17.2% “somewhat agree”, 18.9% “do not agree too much”, 35.2% “very much disagree”, and 2.2% “do not know”.

When asked, should facial recognition be used first in government offices?  51.8% say “very much agree”, 17.7% say “somewhat agree”, 11.2% say “do not agree very much”, 17.8% say “very much disagree”, and 1.5% “do not know”.

When asked where should facial recognition be used first (multiple choice allowed)?  59.2% say “government offices”, 44.3% say “military units”, 60.4% say “Legislative Yuan”, 9.6% say “businesses”, 13.8% say “schools”, 4.1% say “other” and 3.7% “do not know”.  The respondents consisted of 73.5% men and 26.5% women.



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