It seems Taiwan has many good looking women!

It seems Taiwan has many good looking women!

A recent comment says that it seems Taiwan has many good looking women in the general population compared to elsewhere in Asia.  Why does it seem so?

Here is the answer.

The population of the local Taiwanese prior to 1945 was mostly descendants of southern Chinese originating from Zhangzhou and Quanzhou in Fujian province and a smaller group of Hakka.

Nationalist soldiers from all inland provinces of the Chinese mainland retreated with the Nationalist government to Taiwan in 1949 and up to 1956.  A baby boom and a melting pot of people from different Chinese provinces with different genetic pools created a genetic mixture.  Many soldiers married Taiwanese women, and many children were born with mixed genetic features from different provinces.

This provincial melting pot is unique to Taiwan.

The Chinese populations in other Southeast Asian countries were mostly from southern Guangdong and southern Fujian provinces, with some Hakka and migrants from Hainan province.  The Chinese population of Hong Kong has been mostly Cantonese and a smaller population from Shanghai.

Offspring of the first generation of soldiers and their Taiwanese wives resulted in a multi-provincial gene pool, with mixed facial features and physical height.

This melting pot that produced cross-provincial mixtures of different features, mainly provincial facial features and physical height, did not happen within the general Korean, Japanese, and mainland Chinese population.  On the Chinese mainland during the Maoist era, movement of provincial populations was severely restricted.

This melting pot effect can also be seen in the general population of eastern European White Russians, and the general Arab populations.



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