Only 14 newborns in 10 years in Taiwanese village

Only 14 newborns in 10 years in Taiwanese village

From 2008 to 2017, only 14 babies were born in Yonghsien Village in Liujiaohsiang, Chiayi county, Taiwan.

In 2010 and 2013, no babies were born there.

The village has a population of 540 people with only 33 between the ages of 0 and14, a mere 6.1111%.

There are a total of 10 villages and districts in Taiwan with over 13.99%, the February 2018 national average, of people over 65 years old.

The population of those 65 years old and older as a percentage of the total population in a district or a village is:  28.62% in Pinghsi district, New Taipei City; 27.81% in Tienliao district in Kaohsiung city; 27.05% in Tsuocheng district in Tainan city; 26.33% in Shitan Hsiang in Miaoli county; 25.84% in Omei Hsiang, Hsinchu county; 25.76% in Longchi district in Tainan city; 25.47% in Liujiao Hsiang in Chiayi county; 25.21% in Shuanghsi district, New Taipei city; 24.89% in Lutsao Hsiang in Chiayi county; and 24.26% in Shuilin Hsiang in Yunlin county.



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