In 2017, 48,037 Taiwanese cancer patients died

In 2017, 48,037 Taiwanese cancer patients died

Taiwan’s top ten cancer deaths in 2017-2018 are: 1.  lung cancer, 2. liver cancer, 3. cancer of the large intestine, 4. female breast cancer, 5.  oral cancer, 6.  prostate cancer, 7.  stomach cancer, 8. cancer of the spleen, 9. esophageal cancer, and 10. cervical cancer.

In 2017, 9,235 died of lung cancer, 8,402 died of liver cancer, 5,812 died of cancer of the large intestine, 651 died of cervical cancer, 644 died of ovarian cancer, 1,192 died of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, 1,009 died of leukemia, and 971 died of bladder cancer.

In addition to cancer deaths, a total of 48,316 patients died of heart disease, cerebral vascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.





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