Taiwan to expand its social security

Taiwan to expand its social security

Beginning in October, 2008, Taiwan’s social security 國保 (national security)began to cover 3,340,000 laborers, military personnel, public servants and teachers who did not participate in the social security system at that time.

Participation in the social security system means that one pays NT$932 monthly to receive NT$3,628 of social security payout beginning at age 65.  The system also will pay NT$36,564 for a newborn and NT$73,128 for a twin birth, and pay funeral expenses.

The ministry of health and welfare will expand the social security system to include foreigners who have obtained their residence certificate but are not included in the household registration system since they are not naturalized citizens yet.  This expansion will benefit some 170,000 foreign spouses or “new residents”, including those employed and those unemployed.


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