Only 31.9% Taiwanese plan to have kids

Only 31.9% Taiwanese plan to have kids

A survey of 33,500 responses conducted on March 31 to April 2, 2019, shows that only 31.9% plan to have children, 27.9% do not plan to have kids, 26.8% are already married and have children, and 4.4% plan to get married but do not plan to have kids.  There are 9% who do not know.

There are 61.8% who cite economic factors as the main reason they do not plan to have children, and 18.8% cite time factor as the main reason, 19.4% do not know.

Although 67.3% believe that Taiwan’s present birthrate is overly low, 17.6% say Taiwan’s present birthrate is not too low, and 15.1% do not know.  This survey consisted of 41.1% men and 58.9% women.




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