Fiction: In future

Fiction:  In future

In future, sex looses its function as a means of human reproduction.  Sex is for pleasure only.

In the corner convenience store, the two most common items are cheap viagra and spermicide.

On Taiwan, 34% of adult males suffer from erectile dysfunction.  Their sex partners have to masturbate to achieve sexual gratification.

All babies born are sent to the state sponsored nurseries and childcare centers.  Lebensborn?

Thus, the ageing problems in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are solved.

In future, a man and his sex dolls and robots that don’t talk back, that don’t refuse sex, that don’t throw tantrums is the preferred partnership rather than a man and a woman.  Legal marriage between a human male and a human female is now very rare.  The act of forcing a sex robot to have sex does not constitute rape, why force a human female to have sex when the sex doll is available, waiting all the time?

Men deposit their sperm into a condom fitted inside his sex doll robot.  The semen is collected and sent town to the street side clinic and sperm bank to be joined with a female egg for in vitro fertilization.  Population growth is thus preserved.




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