On campus bullying

On campus bullying

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 32,300 responses conducted on April 26-29, 2019, about Taiwan’s on campus bullying shows that 41.3% of students have been bullied on campus, 50.3% have not, and 8.4% do not know.

There are 29.6% who think campus bullying is very serious, 40.9% think it is somewhat serious, 11.2% think it is not too serious, 6.1% think it is absolutely not serious, and 12.2% do not know.

When asked:  What would you do when being bullied?  15.4% say: “Scream!”, 38.5% say: “Report incident to teacher”,  36.3% say:  “Face up to the bully and tell him or her bullying is unacceptable!”, 11.3% choose to be “silent”, 39.7% say:  “Report incident to parents!”, 18.3% say:  “Report incident to police!”, 5.7% say:  “Other”, 8.3% do not know.  This survey consisted of 42.9% men and 57.1% women.

Apparently, either Taiwanese female students are more concerned about on campus bullying than male students or that there are more incidents of bullying among female students than among male students.

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