Who is taking care of toddlers?

Who is taking care of toddlers?

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 34,000 responses on May 4-7, 2019, shows that 37.8% of Taiwanese toddlers are taken care of by their parents, 23.7% are taken care of by grandparents, 2.9% are taken care of by family relatives, 7.2% are taken care of by hired nannies, 4.2% are taken care of by baby care centers, 13.4% have no children, and 10.8% do not know.

Taiwan’s infant and toddler care is considered “very good” by 2.6% of those surveyed, “relatively good” by 24%, “not too good” by 37.8%, “very poor” by 16.8%, and 18.8% do not know.  The survey consisted of 41.9% men and 58.1% women.


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