Number of Taiwan’s elementary school students in 2034

Number of Taiwan’s elementary school students in 2034

In the 2016 school year, Taiwan had 174,670 first grade elementary school students.

In the 2018 school year, Taiwan had 213,978 first grade elementary school students.

In the 2019 school year, Taiwan had 191,398 first grade elementary school students.

In the 2034 school year, it is estimated that Taiwan will have 163,245 first grade elementary school students.

Taiwan’s 少子化

June is Taiwan’s graduation month.  On June 10, 2019, only one female student graduated from the Chengkung Elementary school in Huhsihsiang in Penghu county.  Four other elementary schools in Penghu, namely the Makung Huching Elementary, the Huhsi Chengkung Elementary, the Baisha Chiangmei Elementary, and the Hsiyu Heheng Elementary schools all had only one student graduating in 2019.  Penghu’s Huayu Elementary School had no one graduating in 2019.

In 2018, Penghu county’s elementary schools graduated 670 students, but in 2019, only 638 elementary school students graduated.

Fake headline

On June 10, 2019, the Chengkung Elementary School in Lingya District of Kaohsiung City held its graduation ceremony for 32 elementary school students and 14 kindergarten students.  The school’s principal and guests addressed the students in both Chinese and English.

Headline:  Graduation ceremony shows achievements of bilingual education

I was expecting that one of the graduating students would give an address in English, but I was disappointed to read that the school principal and the guests addressed the students in Chinese and English.

A Miss Sterling who is the resident English teacher at the school is about to leave Taiwan at the end of June, so she addressed the students in Chinese.  She arrived at the school in August of 2018.  At the time, she was unable to speak Chinese.  But on June 10, 2019, she was able to address the students in Chinese.

[Master Chen says]

To me, the graduation ceremony does not show any achievements in bilingual education, contrary to what the headline claims.  Rather, it shows how effectively the English teacher was able to learn Chinese rapidly in the school environment.

The bilingual achievement of the school environment belongs to that of the English teacher, not the students!







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